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There are many different types of participants in the OpenDS community:
  • Users -- Users are those people who download and run OpenDS. They may subscribe to mailing lists or post on discussion forums, and they may report bugs, file enhancement requests, or suggest ideas for new features.

  • Contributors -- Contributors are those people who may provide bug fixes, test cases, or feature enhancements for the OpenDS code. Alternately, they may review documentation or create HOWTOs or provide other forms of information. They do not have direct commit access to the repository, but will work with committers to check in the changes.

  • Committers -- Committers are those who have access to update content in the repository. In many cases, commit access may be restricted to those portions of the repository in which the user needs to make changes, but others may have access to update any content. Committers will also work with Contributors to review and commit their changes as appropriate.

  • Project Owners -- Project owners are responsible for overseeing the OpenDS project, including defining processes, creating mailing lists and discussion forums, approving role requests, and performing other management tasks.

  • Project Lead -- The project lead is an individual who is ultimately responsible for managing the entire project and is the final authority for all decisions.

See the OpenDS Governance Model for additional information about the various roles individuals may have in the project and the privileges and responsibilities associated with them.

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