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There are a number of ways that you can get involved with the OpenDS project, including:

  • Participate in the mailing lists and/or discussion forums.
  • Use the issue tracker to file bugs, enhancement requests, feature ideas, etc.
  • Help us review our documentation and keep it up to date.
  • Contribute bugfixes or help us to write new code.

See the OpenDS Governance Model for more information about the ways in which individuals may participate in the project.

Mailing Lists

There are several mailing lists in use for this project. Most of them are open to anyone that wants to subscribe, although some of them may be restricted to specific subsets of users. See the Project Mailing Lists page to see a complete list and for information about subscribing. Note that you can subscribe to mailing lists in digest mode to keep the number of messages down.

Some of the mailing lists that we provide are:

  • -- A low-volume list that you can use to find out about new releases or other significant developments in the project.
  • -- Used for general discussion about the OpenDS project, including technical questions and providing comments or feedback.
  • -- Used for discussions among developers on topics related to the OpenDS source code.
  • -- Used to request the Contributor role in the OpenDS project, which is required for anyone that wants to contribute changes to the code or documentation.

The Issue Tracker

The OpenDS issue tracker is available online at You can use it to submit new bug reports or feature requests for the OpenDS server, or to browse the list of issues that have already been filed. Anyone can query the issue tracker, although it will be necessary to have at least the User role in the project to file new requests.

Note that we have imported our feature request list for this project into the issue tracking system so that we can keep track of them and make sure that they are included in the appropriate release. If you're interested in what we have planned for the server, then the issue tracker is a good place to find out.

Contributing Documentation or Code

If you want to participate in the project by reviewing or updating the documentation or by making code changes, then you will first need to complete and submit the Sun Contributor Agreement as outlined in the OpenDS Governance Model. Once this agreement has been accepted, you can forward the confirmation to to request the Contributor role. An OpenDS committer will be assigned to work with you. Individuals who have been given the Contributor role will not initially be allowed to commit changes directly into the repository, but active Contributors may be granted the Committer role over time.

After obtaining the contributor role query the issue tracker to find tasks in need of an owner. "Bite size" issues are good starting points for developers interested in getting involved. These issues should be relatively straightforward to resolve and should not require in-depth knowledge of the OpenDS codebase. To retrieve the current set of bite size issues use the keyword "bite_size". "Self contained" tasks are more substantial than bite size tasks though are more self-contained than general issues. After successfully resolving a few bite size tasks find an interesting self contained issue by entering the keyword "self_contained".

See the OpenDS Governance Model for more details about the roles that individuals may have in the OpenDS project.

Other Information

  • The OpenDS Source Guide includes information on how to check out and build the code, as well as other useful information like coding guidelines and an overview of the package layout.
  • The OpenDS Architecture Guide provides an overview of the OpenDS codebase and the different components that make up the server.
  • The OpenDS Wiki has lots of other documentation, including details about the design of specific components.
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