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OpenDS Subversion Access Information
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The source code for OpenDS is hosted on repository and is managed using subversion, which is similar to CVS but offers a few enhancements like atomic commits and per-commit revision numbers (rather than separate revision numbers per file).

The source code can be browsed at
Usually, it is only useful to look at the current branches that stay under

The source can also be checked out to a local space by using any svn client, specifying the URL and using your account credentials.
If you don't have a account you can either create an account at: or use the username "guest" with an empty password.
Note that using the guest account only grants a read-only access, so creating a account is necessary if you plan on committing changes.

On Unix and Linux a typical way of checking out the source is to use the svn command line :
    svn checkout --username guest

On Windows a typical way is of checking out the source tree is to use the TortoiseSVN client, in such case, specify as the URL of the repository.

If the HTTP traffic needs to go through an http proxy, you need to configure the HHTP proxy in the servers file of the subversion directory.
For example : in the [global] section of the servers file set :
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