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NOTE: Our Documentation Has Moved

The official home of the OpenDS documentation is now contained on our wiki. The wiki contains updated versions of all documents provided below, as well as a significant amount of new content. Please refer to the wiki for all documentation in the future. The information below is being preserved for historical purposes, but is no longer being updated and may be removed at some point in the future.

Documentation Overview

Most of the project documentation is available in OpenDocument and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

Architecture Documents

OpenDS Installation and Configuration

Contributing Code

  • Common Development and Distribution License ( Text )
  • OpenDS Governance Model ( HTML )
  • Sun Contributor Agreement ( PDF )
  • Introduction to OpenDS Development ( HTML | wiki )
  • Subversion Access Information ( HTML | wiki )
  • OpenDS Source Guide ( OpenDocument | PDF | wiki )
  • OpenDS Build Instructions ( HTML | wiki )
  • OpenDS Unit Test Instructions ( HTML | wiki )
  • Integration Test Suite README ( Text)

Contributing Documentation

How To

  • Extending OpenDS functionalities with a plugin ( HTML | wiki )
  • Accessing OpenDS configuration through jconsole  ( HTML )
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