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The majority of the OpenDS code is available under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) Version 1.0 whereas the binary components are covered under the binary license unless otherwise specified. The following file contains details about the components in OpenDS and the licenses under which they are covered.

Featured Stuff
  • Get OpenDS 2.2 Update 1 (OpenDS 2.2 Update 1, Released October 6, 2010)  - About This Build
  • Get the Latest Promoted Build (OpenDS 2.3.0-build003, Released June 16, 2010)  - About This Build


OpenDS 2.2 Update 1 is the new stable release of the LDAPv3 directory server, written in the Java programming language.

For more information about OpenDS 2.2 Update 1, please check the OpenDS 2.2 documentation wiki

We are continuing on enhancing the OpenDS service. If you're curious to see what we've got so far, then download a daily built version or check out the source and build it yourself.

Daily Build Versions

A new pre-built version is made available every day. Daily build versions are ready to run, but have undergone basic automatic testing.

Promoted Build Versions

We have periodic milestone builds that are more thoroughly tested. Get the latest promoted build here.

Build It Yourself

Don't want to wait for the next promoted build? You can always get the latest and greatest code by checking it out and building it for yourself.

Our source code is managed in a Subversion repository. If you're already familiar with Subversion, then you can find the information you need to check out the code here.

If you're not as familiar with Subversion, or if you want more detailed instructions, then the OpenDS Source Guide may be more helpful. Also, see the Subversion Tips and Tricks document for information on more advanced Subversion use.

Run It

Quick-start instructions for running the server are available here. You can also find more detailed instruction in the OpenDS Installation Guide.

The installation guide describes how to change a few settings, but for a more complete reference, see the OpenDS Configuration Reference (latest version).

Additional Information

For additional information about using OpenDS, see the OpenDS Documentation Wiki.

If you encounter any problems while using OpenDS, you can ask for help on the mailing list. See the Mailing Lists for information about the available mailing lists.
The OpenDS mailing lists are archived and searchable with MarkMail at

You can also take your chance on the #opends IRC channel on

In the future, we may provide discussion forums or other modes of getting assistance.

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