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OpenDS Project Who's Who
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OpenDS Project Board

Didier Simonazzi

Engineering Manager

Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart
pelegri ( at )

Community Architect and Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems.
Chief Editor of the Aquarium :

Ludovic Poitou
ludovicp ( at )

OpenDS Community Lead

OpenDS Full Time Committers


Anton Bobrov
abobrov ( at )

Core team

Bo Li
boli ( at )

Core team

Cyril Tissot
ctissot ( at )

Proxy Services team

Michael Dugan
dugan ( at )

Core team

Fabienne Dorson
fdorson ( at )

Replication team

Francoise Guigues
fguigues ( at )

Admin team

Florence Blanc-Renaud
floblanc ( at )

Proxy Services team

Gilles Bellaton
gbellato ( at )

Replication team lead and OpenDS Architect

Jerome Cambon
jcambon ( at )

Admin team

Joseph De Menditte
jdemendi ( at )

Proxy Services team lead

Josu Vergara
jvergara ( at )

Admin team

Daniel Lutoff
lutoff ( at )

Admin team lead

Kunal Sinha
sin ( at )

Core team

Matthew Swift
matthew_swift ( at )

Core team lead

Mathieu Marie
mmarie ( at )

Proxy Services team

Mathieu Rossignol
mrossign ( at )

Replication team

Olivier Oudghiri
ooudghir ( at )

Proxy Services team

Philippe Gamba
pgamba ( at )

Replication team

Quality Engineering

Guillaume Andru
andrug ( at )

Christophe Sovant
csovant ( at )

Eric Locatelli
elocatel ( at )

Gary Williams
gary_williams ( at )

Quality Engineering team lead

Pierre-Ephrem Madiot
madiot ( at )

Maud Jamati-Bartlett
maudj ( at )

Sebastien Bertholet
sberthol ( at )

Jean-Luc Schwing
schwing ( at )

Sylvie Gouverneyre
sgouvern ( at )

Sylvie Maguin
smaguin ( at )

Unai Gaston
ugaston ( at )

Release Engineering and Web site

Brian Ehret
behret ( at )

Web Site Designer and UI Expert

Carole Hebrard
chebrard ( at )

Release Engineering team

Christopher Duff
jcduff ( at )

Release Engineering team

Jeanine Pikus
jpikus ( at )

Release Engineering team lead

Lana Frost
lfrost ( at )

Documentation team lead

Ragan Haggard
rhaggard ( at )


Shankar Gowda MBN
shankar_mbn ( at )

Internationalization and Localization

Occasional Committers

Arnaud Lacour
al_xipe ( at )

David Scott Page
david_page ( at )

Jerome Arnou
jarnou ( at )

Kenneth Suter
kenneth_sutter ( at )

Mike Keyes
mkeyes ( at )

Tom Jones
tdj_tx ( at )


Benjamin Damm
bdamm ( at )

Contributed functional tests.

D.J. Hagberg
djhagberg ( at )

Contributed some performance improvements with the GeneralizedTime Syntax. His work also highlighted a more general performance issue that led Matthew Swift in doing some refactoring of the Attribute API.

Gautam Gopalakrishnan
ggop ( at )

Contributed some enhancements to the LDIF-diff tool.


David Ely

Founder and former project manager for OpenDS

Neil Wilson

Founder and former Architect for OpenDS

Gene Hiramaya


Andy Coulbeck

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